Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UNO Designs Displays for Lent Holiday 2009

UNO Hispanic Branding Designs Promotional Packaging and Displays for Lent Holiday 2009

GAMESA®, a division of Frito-Lay Inc., granted UNO Hispanic Branding the opportunity to develop a Lent-driven promotional package and POS offering a value-added and emotional connection between Lent and GAMESA® Saladitas. With Lent/Cuaresma season upon us, many Mexican Catholic consumers turn to a more seafood laden diet. Saltine crackers are a perfect combination and popular choice for traditional dishes and ideal for snacking and dipping.

UNO Hispanic Branding created a bi-lingual violator tagline featuring “La Combinacion Perfecta, Atun y GAMESA® Saladitas ” (The Perfect Combination, Tuna and GAMESA® Saladitas). Relaying the message is a fun illustration of a fish who made his debut last year as a Red Snapper and this year returns as a Tuna. He reminds the consumer to check the back panel for 1 of 3 collectible Lent-themed recipes. The recipes feature the use of Tuna and GAMESA® Saladitas and were developed by UNO. The seasonal promotion was executed for 2 different size packages: GAMESA® Saladitas 14.74oz and 18.06oz. Thematic POS designs include 2 displays, one structural pallet display featuring 8 ft palm trees and GAMESA® brand along with Tuna-Hero, elevating awareness and creating excitement from quite a distance. The second is smaller, featuring a GAMESA® branded rowboat, perfect for smaller store display areas.

Through this partnership, GAMESA® and UNO’s goal is to increase the use of GAMESA® Saladitas and make Mexican consumers aware that they are a great tasting cracker and ideal to enjoy with authentic Mexican dishes and dips during this Lent/Cuaresma season.

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