Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicano Art travel exhibition

Cheech Marin has been entertaining America for over three decades but few are aware of his interest in art.  Marin, widely recognized from his “Cheech and Chong” movies is a third generation Mexican American and takes pride in his heritage.  Marin is one of the largest collectors of Chicano art in the United States.  Marin wanted to share his art collection with others, and after teaming up with Target Corporation, an exhibition was set to hit the road. 

UNO Branding for the New Majority landed the advertising account for the exhibition and proceeded to do the campaign in a bilingual fashion.  Luis Fitch, founder of UNO, wanted to attract all lovers of art including English, as well as, Spanish speakers.   Every aspect of the campaign is bilingual from brochures to posters. Fitch incorporated Chicano art influences into the campaign art to demonstrate what the exhibition is all about.  With the final touches by UNO, CHICANO was ready to hit the road.  The exhibition has an itinerary that includes 15 cities in four years.  

Recently, Fitch was informed that his work on CHICANO won him the Peter Glen Special Award for Public Service at the 2004 Retail Association Conference.  The conference is an annual event sponsored by the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association that boasts that RAC is the “largest single gathering of retail marketing and advertising executives in the industry.”   The Peter Glen Award “recognizes companies who demonstrate a strong commitment to their community, nation or world,” and is highly prized in the retail industry. 

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